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@taylorswift​ If there’s one thing that this fandom can agree on, it’s that @sarahsharesis the sweetest human around. This is one old picture of her but like look at her repping the team swift merch. We all must have done something right in this crazy life to have the privilege of even being alive at the same time as here. like is there really anyone out there who doesn’t like her??? she’s made of cotton candy, heart eyes, and the colour yellow. She has helped me in life beyond belief, i dont know where i would be if i hadn’t met her (spoiler alert: because of you) all those years ago.

Sarah is seeing you TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! in New Orleans. It would mean the absolute world to me (and so many other people lbr) if you would hug her on behalf of all of us and bask in her sunshine. She has been a fan since 2007 so she’s an OG. Emphasis on the G.

She’s sitting Sec h row 10 seats 3-5

((ALSO it would mean more than you could ever possibly know if you could play Innocent as the B Stage song))

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wouldtheywriteasongforyou: wouldtheywriteasongforyou: @taylorswi…

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