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why taylor should come to latin america: the ultimate post


ok, so i decided to make this post, ‘cause i just have a lot to say, so here we go with the reasons why Taylor should consider performing in Latin America this tour! @taylorswift @taylornation

1) Records

We are very dedicated fans and we’ve broken some records here of Taylor’s albums and songs! “Fearless” peaked at 18 in Brazil and 37 in Mexico. “Speak Now” was certified Gold in Brazil, peaked at 8 in Mexico. “RED” peaked 4 in Mexico, was certified Platinum in Brazil and Gold in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. “1989″ was certified Gold and Platinum 3 times in Brazil and Mexico, peaked at 3 in Brazil and 1 in Mexico. “reputation” peaked at 4 in Mexico and was certified Gold in Brazil and Platinum in Mexico. “Look What You Made Me Do” was also certified Diamond, “End Game” was certified Gold and “Delicate” was certified Platinum in Brazil. Also Taylor has won and was nominated for several awards here as well like MTV Millenial Awards, held in Mexico, and for Argentina’s, Mexico’s, Brazil’s and Colombia’s KCA Awards (x x x x x x x x x x x x).

2) Fans

Taylor also has a lot of fans here! Just thinking about this objectively “Taylor Swift Brasil”, one of the few brazilian fanbases here, has over 100k followers on twitter (x). Other fanbases like Mexico (over 4k – x), Uruguay (over 9k – x), Chile (over 21k – x), Peru (over 7k – x) and Argentina (over 6k – x) are also very big.

3) Energy

Latin American fans are very well-known for their energy and, as someone who’s been to concerts here before, I gotta say we are on another level of dedication when it comes to screaming (lol). A lot of artists have chosen us as their favorite crowds, because, when we do love someone, we bring everyhing to the table. We’re just a bunch of excited babies and I would love Taylor to see it live, it’s amazing! Also we’ve been holding our breaths for 13 years, these concerts would be wild!!

4) Stadiums

Another aspect that people like to point out is that Taylor is a huge performer and she demands huge stadiums. Well… I gotta tell ya, we got them! Here’s a little list for ya of our biggest stadiums!

1) Chile (Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos – 48665 people); 2) Argentina (Antonio Vespucio Liberti – 66000 people); 3) Brazil (Maracanã – 78838 people); 4) Mexico (Azteca – 87000 people); 4) Uruguay (Centenario – 60235 people); 5) Paraguay (General Pablo Rojas – 45000 people); 6) Colombia (Deportivo Cali – 52000 people); 7) Peru (Estadio Monumental – 80093), etc.

Taylor, if you see this, please know that we love you and we cherish you and we really want this chance to show you our love!!

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why taylor should come to latin america: the ultimate post

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