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what did demi say?

“I think that having a song and video about tearing Katy Perry down. That’s not women empowerment.” 

“This will probably get me in trouble [but] I dont see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body”

“It’s kind of thus false image of what people should look like” 


Im definitely not blind when it comes to Taylor and drama and I will admit when Taylor is in the wrong because i love her and she deserves to know. But Demi is reaching???! It’s hollywood, and Taylor is in a circle of friends where majority of them are models or in the industry and naturally hollywood celebs are skinny. Especially how models are meant to look like a certain physic because that’s their line of work and they get paid to look like that.  I don’t think Taylor had any intentions of forming a “perfect body” physic squad, it just happened to be that way by chance. 

Source: Taylors Power

what did demi say?

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