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west-coast-taylor: The girl Taylor finally found lol. Almost a…


The girl Taylor finally found lol. Almost a year ago today , and I’m still smiling. That Taylor did something so amazing for me, I wont ever forget it . And I will remember it for the rest of my life. Taylor, my name’s Lisa , I know you have so many amazing fans, and do so much for us, and you might not remember me. But I still wanted to thank you, for meeting my friends, and trying to find me too at the Iheart awards last year. You made me so happy, even If i didn’t get to meet you that nite. And you made my friends so happy. And I just was so overjoyed that you even took the time , even though your at an award show, and about to win a bunch of awards , just to make someones day like mine. No one honestly puts as much time , heart, and effort into connecting with their fans the way that you do . And I never expected what you were going to surprise me with later, that you remembered me and were kind enough, and cared to meet me later when I won tickets to Rock in Rio, because you couldn’t find me that nite . And still at Rock in Rio you couldn’t find me there because my phone was dead again, but still managed to find a way to find me. Like honestly you have so many fans. I am just one in millions. That just shows how truly beautiful you are on the inside and out. You really go out of your way . I can never thank you enough. I just am just at a loss for words, to even write a post that’s good enough to describe the kind of amazing person you are. And how happy you have made me just not last year, but over the past 7 years. I carried all these wonderful memories through last year , when I lost people I loved very dearly. And it helped get me through some really rough days. I got a long live Tattoo for you and my grandma. With the date i met you on it. Instead of my grandmas passing date , so I can smile and think back on the good times. So Taylor, thank you from the bottom of my heart , for everything you have done for me . From your music, to your inspiring words , and concerts Ive gotten lucky enough to experience over the past years. You truly have outdone yourself with 1989. You said you wanted it to be our favorite tour you”ve ever done. And it HAS been Taylor. You’re just like a sister to me, that Ive never had. I dont see you as a celebrity or someone famous. I just see someone who I love so very much. Thank you for giving me hope, and making me believe again that anything is possible. I’ll have your back, and support you in whatever’s to come down the road . Me growing up wont ever change that . I’ve had the time of my life, with you… ( and fyi be cheering you on this year again at the iheart awards , see you in April! )… @taylorswift





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west-coast-taylor: The girl Taylor finally found lol. Almost a…

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