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west-coast-taylor: @taylorswift Hey girlie , I Just was…


@taylorswift Hey girlie , I Just was dropping by to say hello. And I hope you’re enjoying your well over due break, hell i would be too after working so hard for like ten years. I just also wanted you to know how happy i am , that you are so happy lately, and with Adam. Honestly you guys are so cute. And it makes me so happy just to see you enjoying life like a normal 20 something year old. And Im so sorry some people have to be mean and rude on here, I just don’t understand. But thats life . and thanks to you Ive learned how to shake it off, just like I’m sure you’re doing. Anywho, I hope you have a great summer, and I will miss you until the day were together again in some huge arena, thank you for always being there in music , or spirit. xoxo lisa from cali . ( and p.s thank you for so many amazing memories i can talk to my grandkids about one day)…

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west-coast-taylor: @taylorswift Hey girlie , I Just was…

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