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Tom Hooper Has a Hard Time Explaining the Feet in Cats

Tom Hooper Has a Hard Time Explaining the Feet in Cats:



You said Taylor Swift was the first person you cast. How did that happen?
She had auditioned for Les Mis. She rather brilliantly auditioned for Éponine. I didn’t cast her, but I got very close to it. Ultimately, I couldn’t quite believe Taylor Swift was a girl people would overlook. So it didn’t quite feel right for her for the most flattering reason. But I knew she was curious to work on a musical. When this came up, I wrote to her and just said, “Would you like to meet? Would you like to see the world I’m creating?” And I did a presentation. Eve Stewart had these wonderful paintings she did of the world. I had a ten-second clip of a dancer with fur, lifelike. That was my pitch. She loved it and was very gracious and really supportive from then on. At that point, I had no idea she’d end up getting involved in writing the new song and getting involved as a lyricist.

How did her character come about?
In the show, it’s performed by two women. And for a long time, I thought, Well, it’s going to be Taylor Swift and X. Then eventually, part of me was like, Why does it have to be two people? I called Andrew [Lloyd Webber] and said, “Just remind me why.” And he goes, “Oh, we only gave it to two people because we felt guilty that the other girl didn’t have enough to do.” Apparently, it was originally designed for one person. I called Taylor up. “Do you mind if you do it by yourself?” She was obviously totally happy with it.

Source: TSwift Daily

Tom Hooper Has a Hard Time Explaining the Feet in Cats

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