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this-love: this-love: this-love’s 5k celebration wow!! this…



thisloves 5k celebration

wow!! this happened quickly since i came back to this blog, and i’m so so grateful. i expected everyone to unfollow me after giveaways ended tbh but i’m so overwhelmed by the support i’ve had. thank you for reblogging my edits, my gifs, sending me asks, and being my friend. it means the world to me to have this little community with whom to flail and share my creativity. that said, i’d like to give back just a little something to YOU 🙂

  • me! psd – this is the coloring i created for the me! music video to color my gifs. it does require adjustment from gif to gif. i created it as a base for one scene, and then tweak it as necessary for other scenes. the first two layers, the curves and the levels, will be the ones requiring the most adjustment. it depends on the brightness of the scene you’re using it on. otherwise, the colors look good with most scenes in the video. click to download | what is a psd and how to use it
  • gif header giveaway – i will be giving away FIVE gif headers like the one shown above. i can add some effects like glitter, snow, etc at your request. i will create a gif from any video of your choosing. all you have to do is send me the video link and the timestamp you want to be giffed. or if you have an example gif, please show me to illustrate what part of the video. you can see my gifs here for what kinds of effects i’m able to add and you may request a gif in the same style as any i’ve made. note: i cannot exactly duplicate coloring as each is done individually. click to enter giveaway. giveaway ends may 20th 12:00AM PST.

three days left to enter the giveaway!!!

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this-love: this-love: this-love’s 5k celebration wow!! this…

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