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Hey this is a quick thank you for helping me reach my next k in followers! Thanks for following this messy blog that’s about Taylor Swift and my cats. With that being said, Follow Forevers are too much commitment so I’m doing shout outs to blogs I follow! (Side note: These blogs have been here for a while and didn’t just show up yesterday and I think that’s a great incentive to follow but that’s just me.)


@altoowelll @asyklos @beautifulnight @chubbycattumbling @confessionsofanawkwardswiftie @darkandtwistymeredith @en-chantedts@fuck-sewingmachines @flickerfic @georgiastars @greysswifts @holygrcunds


@inadaydreams @im-nacho-princess  @jadethirllwall @lovetheplayers @lovedinshadesofwrongs @locketswifts @ninetay89 @nevergavein @ofbeinghonests @ohsoshiftyswifty @ofcuriousmind @oursonng @outovthewoodz @picturetcburn @purpleswift @punkee-and-penny


@straightlinedownx @swiftromanticss @swiftscastles @standngaloneinacrowdedroom @staybaeuftiful @sunshine-swiftie @taylorsdreams @tayslaysswift @these-sick-beats @thiislove@tayloralisionswift @t-swift @tayaholic @timeerasingyou @@wereabetterman @winestaindress @wildestjeans @wonderlsnd @youtwoaredancinginasnowglobe @@youllbeeightynine

I’m sorry it’s not all pretty and stuff but I’m saving my edits for tonight!

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