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teylors: So quite a lot of people have decided to follow the…


So quite a lot of people have decided to follow the messy blog that is…mine. Me, @teylors , hellur.` Because I’m excited about it I decided to do a thing and I’m not sure what to call it. 

So while doing a “Follow Forever” would probably make me a hypocrite because my following list changes so much, I figured I’d recommend some blogs I like and would…ya know…recommend. It’s like a Follow Forever except without the word forever. Are my commitment issues showing yet?

So, Here are some lovely blogs.

I feel it’s only fair to name some blogs I’ve followed for a while and have actually talked to the blogger before. There’s:

  • Amanda: Makes some very very very nice graphics and all that nice stuff. She’s not problematic at all and sometimes I need to probably say “what would Amanda say” before I post some of the things that I do. She’s a solid person. Would highly recommend.
  • Ofri: Another person who makes some quality shit. I think for the longest time I followed her and never said I word to her. I’m not even sure when we actually started talking but we’re very pro-son’t-steal-people’s-stuff and it’s a nice lil bond there. She’s also not problematic at all. Like honestly, another person I should look up to when I start posting problematic things.  
  • Makaiyla: Chances are, if you saw quality videos from the ATT concert thing, they’re probably hers. Another quality person. Like sometimes you need to fill your dash with real chill peeps and this is one of those blogs. Really sweet and sends me nice messages about my edits. Like no one does that so that makes her special af. 
  • Corrie-Ann: Another non problematic blogger. Therefore you should follow. Also an international swiftie! 

I’m actually pretty introverted irl and I think it shows in the fact that I don’t talk to many people on here. So even though I don’t, I still follow some quality blogs and they’re listed below.

|| beautifulnight || beautifulstragic || bettersman || charmingswift || daerjohn || @darkandtwistymeredith || en-chantedts || @fuck-sewingmachines || gracefulswift || im-nacho-princess || lurkinswiftie || lovetheplayers || nevergavein || ninetay89 || nowimhauntedd || @ofbeinghonests (ily)|| ofcuriousmind || ohsoshiftyswifty || @standngaloneinacrowdedroom || swiftromanticss || @tayaholic || taylorswiftedit || tayslaysswift || taytayswifty13 || @thiselove || thisloveisgoodbadours || thisloveshaunted || these-sick-beats || @ttaylors || youllbeeightynine || youtwoaredancinginasnowglobe || yourefeelinglikeflying || wonderlsnd ||

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teylors: So quite a lot of people have decided to follow the…

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