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no offense but i wish taylor nation prioritized picking fans for special events that have never met taylor or been picked for events before. with all the complaining the past few days its evident that people who’ve been selected for things in the past are being picked yet again while people who have never had any such opportunity just sit back and wonder why are the same people being picked for these things? of course there’s new people in the mix being selected, but when making the selection it should really consider how recently you’ve met her or seen her live, and taylor nation should be asking that. i’m not saying you only get to meet taylor once or you only get to go to these events once and that’s it. i just want those people who haven’t had these amazing opportunities to be considered and picked before you even think about picking people who’ve met her before or whatever. that’s it.

I just saw this and a number of other posts about the same subject, I assume we have a lot of old faces getting picked once again to meet Taylor. I personally agree with this poster and several others that I have seen today, there are lots of younger newer fans that have never met or been followed or had a post liked by Taylor that get discouraged by this stuff. I agree that they should at least try to be more selective in the process of picking the fans that get these oh so special once in a lifetime chance to meet Taylor.

I realize this is probably unpopular with e certain segment of this fandom especially if you happen to be one of those Swiftie’s who have been blessed by being chosen to and have met Taylor before. 

But I am being honest here this is how I feel about those newer younger fans in this fandom, I really don’t want to be critical of @taylorswift either but it gets frustrating when you see the same people over and over again getting likes and reblogs by Taylor and those same people will not help the younger newer swifties get noticed.

I am fortunate enough that I was followed by Taylor and have even had a few posts noticed by her, but there are lots of swifties who have not been so blessed that get frustrated by all of this.

Send hate if you want unfollow me if you have too but this needed to be said.

And it’s not only about the new fans. Like I’ve been a fan of hers for the past 7 ½ years and I’ve never met her. The difference is that I’m older than some new fans and I guess I can deal with this whole thing better. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not dying inside to meet her and be annoyed when people are being chosen for the 3rd time to meet her.
Like other people said, it’s honestly not complicated for Taylor Nation to make some kind of list so that they can look before inviting people.


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taywillstay: awkwarddancing-since1989: ts1989fanatic: ofbeinghonests: colorsinautumn: no…

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