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taylorswiftstyle: Shopping at Yves Saint Laurent | Los Angeles,…


Shopping at Yves Saint Laurent | Los Angeles, CA | April 7, 2016

Topshop ‘Magnum Heeled Boots’ – $130.00 (sold out)

If you’re a longtime TSS-er, you’ve no doubt seen Taylor wear these boots on the streets of London and New York. Now, they hit L.A.’s shopping district after Taylor had a private shopping stint at Saint Laurent’s Los Angeles location.

While I know a lot of us are quick (sometimes too quick) to point out Taylor’s odd shoe choices, I think we can all agree this was the perfect choice to finish off her tough badass biker chick ensemble.

Worn with: SOIA & KYO jacket, Saint Laurent bag and Frame Denim jeans

Also worn: Shopping on Regent Street and leaving her apartment (May 28)

Black ankle boots go with EVERYTHING. Shop these instant outfit staples for less now:

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taylorswiftstyle: Shopping at Yves Saint Laurent | Los Angeles,…

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