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taylorswiftedit: Hey, everyone! So we just reached 1k followers…


Hey, everyone! So we just reached 1k followers on our ask blog (taylorswifteditask) and 35k on our main blog (taylorswiftedit) and, to celebrate these goals we recently achieved, we decided to make a kind of a giveaway/member application thing for you guys. A lot of people have been asking us to open blog applications for the past couple of months so this is your chance since we have no idea if we will open applications later on so you should apply for this now if you want to join us.

Basically there are 2 different ways you can participate in this (you can choose one or both):

  • you can enter the giveaway part of this;
  • or you can apply as a member of the blog (we are going to choose one of the blogs who apply for this to become our new member)

For the giveaway part:

and we will gather every single blog who enters this part, make a list of urls by order of reblog and randomly (using a website that will give us a random number) get numbers and select 3 winners (first 3 numbers) and 5 runner-ups (next 5 numbers).

The winners will get 5 requests from our team (it can be lockscreens, gifsets, mobile headers, etc) and the runner-ups will get 3 requests (same rules apply). We will make the requests and post it on our blogs, unless it’s something more personal for the winner or runner-up.

For the member application:

  • you must follow both blogs;
  • reblog this post;
  • tag the post as “application”;
  • use the tags to tell us which blogs you’re a part of and what’s your creations tag;

All the members will discuss this part and we will personally choose the member we want on the blog, so it’s not going to be a random selection. Since we are active with reblogs, the member must know how to edit on Photoshop or similar programs. You don’t need to know how to make everything on Photoshop, but we will only consider those who know how to edit and do it well. Our main goal here is to find good editors to post more creations, so, if you don’t know how to work Photoshop, unfortunately we won’t consider you for this one.

If you want to try for both, you can. Just tag as #application and #giveaway and we will consider you for both parts. Also, if you apply for both and we choose you as a member, we will exclude your name from the possible winners of requests cause obviously you know how to edit so there’s just no use. But, since we don’t know if we will select you or nah, just go for both if you want requests as well, who knows?

  • Due date is September 30th to enter and we will select the winners and runner-ups on October 1st. The new member will be chosen on the same day as well.
  • This post needs to get to, at least, 60 reblogs (likes don’t count to participate) or it never happened.

Good luck 🙂

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taylorswiftedit: Hey, everyone! So we just reached 1k followers…

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