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Taylor Swift’s back in NYC

Taylor Swifts back in NYC

Taylor Swifts with Camila Cabello

Taylor Swift’s back in NYC

Taylor has arrived back at her NYC home as she seen there on Saturday.

Joining with friend Camila Cabello the two gals are seen exiting Taylor’s Tribeca place as they headed out to do what all girls love, SHOPPING!

Putting on a brave face and a big smile the superstar seems to have gotten over her mothers cancer diagnosis and is enjoying life after keeping a low profile in LA.

Her new beau Calvin Harris spent some time with her in LA as she came to terms with her mothers illness.

Wearing spring prints with her pal Camila she posted the photo on her Instagram with the caption, ‘Hey Camila! Let’s go out and both wear prints! We can match! It’ll be fun!” -a conversation that didn’t happen.’

Taylor may have been cheered up after receiving the news that she’s made the Time’s list of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World this week. Where she joined the ranks with the likes of Hillary Clinton.




Taylor Swift’s back in NYC

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  • Thanks for everything all the beautiful songs u beautiful writing and the effort you and you team put together i still I can at believed the amazing miracle you borrow to my life for the up and downs the I have bout is hard the deal with to many people’s the don’t understand what miracles music those and u already know all my life I that’s going said thanks God for everything y’all done for me I and go let y’all done I promised

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