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Taylor Swift To 'Bring In 100,000' New Fans To US Grand Prix

Organisers have revealed that this year’s United States Grand Prix will go ahead as they have paid the listing fee for the race which will feature a concert by music superstar Taylor Swift expected to bring in 100,000 new fans.

The one-off blockbuster event at the race in October is on track to drive the biggest economic impact and the highest attendance in the history of Formula One.

This year is the fifth anniversary of the race at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) track in Austin, the capital of Texas, and it is marking it with a celebration in the grand tradition of the star-studded Super Bowl half-time shows.

“The top performer in the world right now is Taylor Swift and she will perform on the Saturday before the race the following day,” says COTA chairman Bobby Epstein. “It will be a one-off show. Her only show in 2016. We think we can bring in 100,000 new people and put on the biggest show.”

It is understood that Taylor Swift’s fee will be one of the highest-ever paid to an individual performer and signing her is not just a triumph for Austin but also the city of San Antonio which is just 74 miles away. Spectators will be checking into its hotels as those in Austin will soon hit capacity boosted by two of the biggest entertainment properties in the world. (x)

Source: TSwift Daily

Taylor Swift To 'Bring In 100,000' New Fans To US Grand Prix

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