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Taylor Swift on her 7th album and life as a superstar


By: Lola Weippert for bigFM
Date: May 24th 2019

BigFM presenter Lola was allowed to spend a few minutes with superstar Taylor Swift and ask her some questions herself. Find out here what Taylor has to say about her next album and her status as a living icon.

Lola meets Taylor

At the moment, there’s no one like Taylor Swift. The 29-year-old musician is one of, if not the most sought-after celebrity at the moment. Just a few weeks ago, her number-one hit “ME!” (featuring Brandon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) was released and she’s been promoting it across the globe. And while bigFM presenter Rob Green already had a chance to talk to the blonde beauty on the phone and interview her, Lola also got to fulfill her dream and interview Taylor when she paid her a visit in Dusseldorf.

“Today I had a chance to interview one of the biggest global superstars,” the bigFM presenter enthusiastically wrote on her Instagram, adding: “I’ve never had a chance to meet such a down-to-earth, warm, funny and at the same time incredibly successful artist.”

Countdown to the new album

But not only did Lola meet up with Taylor for coffee, but she also asked the 29-year-old some cool questions about her next album and found out that the work was almost done. 

“If this is the album, that is – the songs I have right now, I already know the order and many of them are different. I mean, it’s almost done. It depends on whether I suddenly come up with something new and absolutely want to put it on the album. Of course, that might or might not happen in the next few months but either way I would still be happy with it,” said Swift as she explained that she wanted to enter the new era with her single “ME!”.

When she started posting photos on her social media, the US superstar did not want to start a countdown, but described how that strategy began: “It was not a countdown. I just wanted to… My last album ‘reputation’ had many dark colors, a lot of green and gray and black and just had a completely different color scheme and a different emotional identity as it’s integral part. My new music is different in every way and that’s why I did not want to shock my fans with it,” said Taylor. She also added that she simply wanted to make a transition and wanted to use her Instagram posts to do exactly that. “Personally, I did not initially predict that each image was going to be interpreted differently by my fans, so they themselves started a countdown and hoped for new music,” concluded Swift while laughing.

“The best theory was… the one that all the fans laughed the most about is ‘there were five holes in the fence’. Like they literally, ten years from now, they’ll be saying, ‘there were five holes in the fence, we will always have that.’ So that’s pretty funny. I mean, I think they can laugh about it now. I think they don’t think I’m teasing them about it. Cause, it’s equally like my mistake too for not realizing that there were five holes in the fence.”

“I love my job”

Not only did Lola chat with Taylor about her seventh album, which still has no name and release date, but she also asked the American about her new iconic status and wanted to know what it feels like to be one of TIME’s most influential people in the world.

“It feels good, it feels really good.” Taylor laughed. “Simply phenomenal. It’s really flattering and it was a really great evening at the gala in New York City. I performed there, stood in front of the audience with my guitar and all I could think about was that I really love my job. Of course there are moments when the stress can be incredible, you have panic attacks and you think that [her music] is not good enough and you try to outdo what you have achieved in the past… But then there are those moments in which I try to simply appreciate each and every second and be fully present. When I was on stage at this gala, I just thought, “I am so fortunate that I get to do this.’“

Source: TSwift Daily

Taylor Swift on her 7th album and life as a superstar

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