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Taylor Releases New Cats Song “Beautiful Ghosts”

There may be one more month until Cats hits theaters, but Taylor Swift is proving she’s already a star in it!

On Friday at midnight, the singer, 29, released her new original song, “Beautiful Ghosts”, from the upcoming film adaptation of the Tony-winning musical.

The haunting melody — which she co-wrote with the musical’s legendary composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber — speaks to a feeling of longing to be wanted and reminiscing on better memories.

In the ballad, Swift is given an opportunity to show off her impressive pipes beyond her typical country-pop style, and the star certainly delivers.

While the entire song is chillingly-beautiful, it’s the final note of the song that Swift belts that truly stands out among the rest.

“All that I wanted was to be wanted/too young to wander London streets, alone and haunted/Born into nothing/At least you have something to cling to,” she sings. “Visions of dazzling rooms I’ll never get let into/and the memories were lost long ago/but at least you have beautiful ghosts.”


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Taylor Releases New Cats Song “Beautiful Ghosts”

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