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Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video story line revealed

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video story line revealed

Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video

Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video story line revealed

Before the song opens. Tracking through London until we go through the window of a building. In side a bunch of henchmen in suits are being beaten up. Taylor is in a business suit kicking ass. She’s full on martial arts bad girl, punching, kicking, using a knife, wrapping her legs around some guys head, revealing a garter belt on her leg, flipping him over and kicking him in the face.

On the other side is Selena Gomez, doing the same. They back up into each other, synchronized, changing weapons, working as a team until the last guy goes down. His briefcase falls into Selena’s hands. Taylor calls Kendrick on her cell phone when she turns and realizes … Selena pushes Taylor. Taylor falls back crashing through the window, falling, shattered glass frozen in the air. Evil Selena smiles.

The song begins. Taylor is lying in the street with shattered glass all around her, glistening like diamonds. She’s unconscious, but all dressed up as if for a photo shoot. She starts singing still lying on the ground.

Taylor wakes up in a futuristic hospital with interactive displays on all sides. She is wearing a fashion mask over her eyes. That’s when she joins the Bad Blood Brigade. The whole video will show she is recovering and training. Taylor is brought to another world, where she will become someone else, someone stronger, someone quite capable of winning the battle she just lost.

Kendrick is the Charlie to their Angels. He’s a mysterious man in a business suit, in a futuristic British Office, where Taylor comes in to report. Training his team to go from girls to strong women. there are two parts to his rap: Kendrick and Taylor meet in the center where virtual heads up display activates. They move their hands and symbols appear until they get to Selena’s face. Double Agent. This also works as a performance cutaway, where Taylor and Kendrick perform together. Beauty and the Baller.

Kendrick performance scene. A security ‘Body Scan’ hallway where Kendrick is walking through an x-ray machine. laser beams scan as he moves. Cold, dark punctuated by red lasers. Occasionally, you may will see the skeleton of your scanner as it passes.

Now we get to the main part of the video clip, which is a mixture of Charlie’s Angels, James Bond and a Diesel ad. It is Taylor recovering and training to become the ultimate assassin. She is joined by her friends and each one gets a special cameo which shows her specializing in some aspect of spycraft. Taylor, in turn, begins to progress and we see very easily in knife training, throwing them, learning to hack, box, run and throw punches. Everyone is dressed in sexy female James Bond, outfits – variations of dresses and suits, and each of these is part of an ad. Think of LeChapelle version of MI-6, photographed by Diesel.

We flip sexy James Bond type fashion moments as Taylor is seen getting a 1989 tattoo on her arm like a spy emblem. The colors of the tattoo match her red lipstick. Lots of spies equipment: umbrella with pop out knives, playing cards with blades, laser pens, laser watch, spy glasses, etc. Taylor laying on a phantom The girls are trained in a field with mud, targeted training. A “dangerous room” where the floor moves while Taylor goes through it. Fine English clothes and scenery in honor of James Bond and Britain. An English bulldog. Women’s hats, dresses and overcoats. The girls have special weapons in times of training.

-A Stilettos shoe where she kicks a mannequin and the head flies off
-Lipstick that shoots explosive darts
-Compact mirror that scans the site in infrared
-Fingernails that turn into knives
-A purse that turns into a nunchucks

Many scenes have choreographed movements that look like dancing. In the second chorus I want to show the training for the fights with Taylor in a ring fighting with girls. Sweat dripping from their faces. It is filmed glamorous but still violently. We have an approach in Taylor sweaty with a bruise on his face, but the bruise is more a shadow in the eye

At the end Taylor walks with her new posse toward Selena, who also walks toward her bad posse. As they walk explosions go off. It’s a massive power walk like a fashion show in the middle of the end of the world.

We ended up with Taylor giving the LOOK




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