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swiftiestrong: Dear @taylorswift This is Juliana (and her…


Dear @taylorswift
This is Juliana (and her friend Emily) and she’s 14 years old and has fought cancer 8 times. It just came back for the 8th time last month, and she doesn’t ever remember being healthy because she’s been fighting since she was 5 years old. Juliana and Emily went to your show together in Washington DC for the 1989 tour, and they both LOVE you. They stay in the same hospital when they are getting treatments too, and sometimes they are even room ‘neighbors’ 💗 Juliana inspires me just like you do, and so does Emily. I don’t know them personally but I’ve been following Juliana’s story on FB for months now and I know it would mean the world to them even if you just saw this post. You make so many people smile, Tay, I love you.

xoxo Juli

(picture credit to John Carver from ‘Angels for Juliana’ FB page)

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swiftiestrong: Dear @taylorswift This is Juliana (and her…

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