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Do you know what the absolute most sickening part of this is? That Robert Ellis Orrall, a musician who began co-writing with Taylor and producing demos for her when she was twelve years old and nobody else would, still to this day owns ALL of her unreleased demos and not ONE of them has ever leaked – despite being worth a fortune and irregardless of that fact that he hasn’t spoken with Taylor in over a decade – but because her father entrusted those demos with him and for all these years he has respected that and not made a single coin off those songs. Today, Scott Borchetta sold 14 years worth of Taylor’s recorded music to a man who harassed Taylor on social media like it was a sport because it was convenient to do and he was the highest bidder….. just something I think everybody should know right now.

Be like Robert Ellis Orrall, not like Scott Borchetta

get yourself a guy like Robert Elis Orrall, not Scott Borchetta

Update: Robert Ellis Orrall saw this post on Instagram and spoke up about selling Taylor out vs his loyalties to her

Source: Swift Gallery

sparklybluethirteen:kaliedoscopeofloudheartbeats:smittenswift:sparklybluethirteen:Do you know what…

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