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secret continued: It’s not homophobic, it’s just… disappointing?…

secret continued: 

It’s not homophobic, it’s just… disappointing? And I think it makes LGBT fans feel weird. Taylor actually does have a lot of LGBT fans (myself included in that category) and it just feels crappy to know that so many fans refuse to believe she’s dated women, no matter the evidence. It’s like, why do you refuse to believe it? It is possible! And I’m not saying this as a “Kaylor shipper”, or whatever, I’m just saying it as a bisexual women who believes that yes, it is very possible. Given the timelines, some of her songs, interactions, photos, videos, etc. And if Karlie or Dianna were men instead, there would be no division in the fandom over it and everyone would be on the same page thinking they probably had a relationship. TBH, it’s the most annoying and immature thing about the fandom, and it makes me think that the people in this fandom aren’t as cool as I once thought. Y’all want to “ship” Taylor with whatever guy you feel like, but the second someone says, “Hey, I think she’s actually in a relationship with Karlie”, it’s like World War 3 and suddenly we’re terrible people for speculating and prying into Taylor’s life.

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secret continued: It’s not homophobic, it’s just… disappointing?…

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