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( secret continued. ) I understand why she severed her…

( secret continued. )

I understand why she severed her relationship with the media. The media is literally the worst. I can see how that takes a certain strength, but after some time it looks cowardly. Is she courageous by taking a stand against the media, or is she hiding from her problems? This cannot go on forever. And honestly, the Taylor that I know likes the spotlight to a degree. I’m sure she’s enjoying her life in private right now, but eventually she WILL want to come back around, and it’s not going to be easy. Once she does come back around she’s going to have to answer the tough questions (unless she strikes some kind of $$ deal with whomever) and I don’t think people are going to like her answers. If she says she doesn’t support Trump and that she didn’t vote for him, people will be pissed she didn’t say anything sooner. I don’t think her saying anything would have swayed the election, she’s just one person, but a lot of people do feel like she could have had an influence. If she says she does support Trump, well, people are going to hate that, too. Like I said before, I understand why she severed her relationship with the media in the first place, but when I think about how it’s going to play out down the road I just get super anxious for her. Then again, I don’t feel that bad because she chose this and there were a million other ways she could have gone about it. She’s smart enough and it was her choice, and hopefully she will find a way to reemerge with ease. I’m pretty sure she will only do interviews if certain questions are off limits, and that in and of itself makes me uncomfortable. “You can only interview me if you don’t ask me questions about the president” is just gross. Her interviews used to have a genuine and magic quality to them, but those days are done. I do love this era and I’m happy for her, but we’ve lost some things we love about her in the process and we have to be honest about that.

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( secret continued. ) I understand why she severed her…

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