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rashelswiftie: rashelswiftie: Hi Guys i am Back on tumblir…



Hi Guys i am Back on tumblir Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and i wanted to share with you when @taylorswift  gave me a Swift freakout  in the most beautiful way possible “ Taylor your the Sweetest person ever to give me the gift of your Love
i can’t believe i  met you 7 years ago here is my reaction i can Honestly say it was the best Graduation present ever ❤️🎁🎓Taylor my Heart feels so grateful for you and that you took 15 minuets out of your crazy schedule to talk to me your my Best friend i could never thank you enough for everything you do for me going through the consent  struggles   of having   cerebral palsy your tumblir blog is so inspiring i can’t even tell how much that means to me that you fallow my blog and life oh and i can’t forget your amazing mother Taylor that was really special to me that i got to meet her because my mom is not in my life she walked away and she dose not understand how to be a mom so it makes me super happy that you Wanted me to meet her she hugged me so tight lets just say both your hugs are the best 🐻❌⭕️⭕️❌⭕️👩🏼💋 and i love you with everything i am and more. Taylor here is my Reaction to finding out I WAS MEETING YOU @taylorswift On JUNE 2 2013 THIS VIDEO WAS FILMED ON May  24 2013 I TOLD MY DAD THIS IS THE BEST GRADUATION PRESENT EVER OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FELT MY HEART RACING AND I THOUGHT I WAS DREAMING I woke up and said was  that a dream daddy “ no honey you are meeting her i felt like crying with happiness all over again because i could not believe that she wanted to meet me and she will always be my hero in Life Taylor LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️💕💗💝😀😧😹😻😘 #Bestdayofmylife
#GraduationPreasent #Bestfriend😍😇😍👩🏼 Fangirlmoment Ps everyone Please share


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rashelswiftie: rashelswiftie: Hi Guys i am Back on tumblir…

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