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Professor mocked my anxiety.

So I asked my math professor to explain a problem and he said “Yeah I could.” with this haughty attitude, then added “Do you want me to?” I mean obviously, that’s why I asked, but whatever. Then he asks why I have one of my headphones in and I say “because this class gives me anxiety, and having music playing in one ear calms me down.” and in a really mocking tone he says “Ohhh anxiety. Get over anxiety and learn.”

I felt, and still feel, completely humiliated. If I don’t listen to music in one ear I will be on the verge of or actually have a panic attack, mostly because he’s such a rude, intimidating, condescending man, and also because I’m so bad at math. I sat there for the rest of class trying not to cry. I know I’m in college but I don’t deserve to have my mental health mocked in front of my peers.

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Professor mocked my anxiety.

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