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paths-of-my-childhood: bribock: Yesterday was easily one of…


bribock: Yesterday was easily one of the best nights of my life. I have a youtube channel, and Janelle & I made a reaction video to one of Taylor Swift’s music videos a few months back and it blew up so we had the opportunity to go to the concert for free, have OUR YouTube video PLAY ON THE BIG SCREEN in front of thousands of people around the world on the tour, meet Taylor Swift, sit in the VIP section with Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello’s family, and also bring our boyfriends! 💙😭 I can’t believe all of this happened, but it just goes to show that anything can happen. If you have a dream chase it and never give up! If you would have told me 10 years ago when I was fangirling at t swift’s concert that i’d be meeting her and that my video would play at her concert i wouldn’t believe you. I love making YouTube videos with all of my heart and this was just a blessing from God reminding me to not give up! Thank you Taylor Nation for this opportunity and most of all Tay Swift for being so kind and sweet!! 💙💙 I’m making a vlog of the whole experience that will be up later tonight!

Source: TSwift Daily

paths-of-my-childhood: bribock: Yesterday was easily one of…

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