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paths-of-my-childhood: Backstage with Tay Tay in the Brisbane…


Backstage with Tay Tay in the Brisbane Rep Room

The Courier-Mail // by Kristy Symonds // November 7th 2018

NOVA 106.9 presenter Katie Mattin has revealed what it is like to hang out backstage with Taylor Swift.

Mattin and husband Jay Walkerden, general manager of Nova Brisbane, took their twin daughters Amelia and Holly to a special meet-and-greet hosted by the pop superstar before her mammoth show at the Gabba on Tuesday night. Mattin said the 28-year-old singer, who was in town as part of her Reputation stadium tour, put on the pre-show gathering for the local radio crowd in a themed room dubbed The Rep Room, as a way of saying “thank you” for the stations’ support throughout her career – a tradition she has kept up each visit.

“You can have a drink and some food, and she comes in and walks around and spends time with everyone and has a chat and a photo,” Mattin told Confidential.

The popular Nova 106.9 personality described Swift as “lovely”, and said she went above and beyond to make her “starstruck” daughters, who celebrated their 10th birthday on Wednesday, at ease.

“She was really easy to talk to,” she said. “They (Amelia and Holly) are massive Taylor Swift fans and they were so excited they literally went silent but she (Swift) was just chatting away to them and tried to make them feel very comfortable.”

The group were then treated to a backstage tour by Swift’s mum Andrea, who travels with her to each show. She said Andrea said her famous daughter had very high standards when it came to her concerts and “no expense was spared”.

“Her mum said she loves looking up at Taylor (from the crowd) because ‘when she was seven she told me she wanted to be on stage and when I look I can still see that excited seven-year-old’,” she said.

Mattin said Swift’s manager said she had chosen to fly under the radar this tour because she “just wants to do the concert for her fans” and not have people focusing on who she is dating or what she is doing.

Source: TSwift Daily

paths-of-my-childhood: Backstage with Tay Tay in the Brisbane…

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