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pamm-beesly: people who attack people like taylor swift and claim it’s because of “feminism” really…


people who attack people like taylor swift and claim it’s because of “feminism” really piss me the fuck off tbh. you can say you dont like her feminism, and you can call her a white feminist, but the second you start attacking her with nonsensical arguments (which most of you do) like comparing her to white supremacists like donald trump or actual murderers or try to invalidate her experiences as a victim of abuse+assault+misogyny is the second you are no longer doing anything for feminism you are just being hateful. ive literally seen people say that taylor doesnt get to be mad about kanye’s line in famous because she used john mayer’s name in dear john and honestly if you think writing about a relationship in which she was a 19 year old girl who felt taken advantage of and abused is the same as kanye refusing to let go of an incident that he fucking caused and reducing her to a sex object is the same thing then you can just keep the word feminism out of your goddamn mouth. and if you have given taylor swift more shit for her changing her mind about the song than you have said about kanye west’s wildly harmful misogynistic and disgusting video then you are not only not here for feminism you are literally doing harm to this movement. and if you tell me that the way she has stood up to the relentless slutshaming she has faced for years, to this day, is worthless because it was “self serving” then you really don’t understand that slutshaming is an act of misogyny that gets women raped, beaten, killed – all women, women of color, transgender women, queer women, and white women alike – and that is why what she has had the courage to say, in the recent years, and in her songs starting from her sophomore album is so important. and if you spend more time attacking her or any woman celebrity for their flawed feminism than you criticize the ENDLESS number of male celebrities who don’t do a damn thing for women – self-serving or not – then you ought to check your own (internalized) misogyny before you start preaching feminism. and if you have ever dared compared taylor swift to people like trump or cops who kill black people then just know that your little joke has trivialized the death and abuse and racism all people of color have ever faced and that’s not feminism. if you wanna hate taylor swift, go the fuck ahead. but i’m begging you. Stop using feminism as your tool to validate your petty hatred. You’re doing more harm than good.

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pamm-beesly: people who attack people like taylor swift and claim it’s because of “feminism” really…

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