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Look at this beauty.

Okay i feel so bad rn cuz since i posted this post we haven’t received a hiddleswift candid.

my heart. we will always have these candids and we never know. i will always hold hope.

Hiddleswift is over…? Hm… As much as I loved them together, I could see them crashing when they stopped going out in public together. 😕

But hey! TOM IS SINGLE AGAIN! I love Taylor and all but if she makes a break up song about tom….

I won’t say I’ll be angry with her, I’ll just be disappointed in her. A man that is that nice does not deserve a break up song…

Okay im saying this again SHE IS WRITING ABOUT HER FEELINGS i mean if the realtionship was good she is not going to write bad things about your idol dont worry (she hasnt written anything bad about anybody) //you should listen red album tho it is a masterpiece.

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mrscaitlinhiddleston: katiesmindpalace19912: taylorspower: tay…

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