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la-leto:321wecametofuck:la-leto:LETOSUPERCUT: Slayleto is…




LETOSUPERCUT: Slayleto is Savage.

….And he won’t be silenced.
(But he will be passive-aggressive & morbid.)

WB, Ayer – consider yourself put on alert.

omg the movie wasn’t about the joker you whiney entitled fuck

Yea, @321wecametofuck – it wasn’t “Mistah J and the Skwad” it was “Suicide Squad” and Jared is more than well aware of that. Ayer/WB clearly lured Jared onto the project with the premise that his part would be at least a much larger part of the film than what actually ended up happening.

Also? Asking an actor to film for over 6 months (2x the average film shoot) and film numerous, extensive scenes and work with them intensely & intimately and encourage them to go over the top – then talk them up in the press before the film is even done filming that the work they’ve done is legendary – you can see why Jared felt what he was doing at the time of filming was a much larger deal than a small cameo, only 10 minutes, mostly in montage.

You may not like Jared or The Joker in this film but this has nothing to do with Jared feeing maybe “entitled” or “whining”. It has everything to with the impression he was given as an actor while making the film and what he was being told behind the scenes, only to end up being essentially an extra.

This is essentially the “sad affleck” of suicide squad, isn’t it?

Margot talks about them a little here too – a lot of Joker and Harley scenes cut, of course, because they did those very short flashbacks instead of fleshing out the character backstories. Hopefully we get an extended BluRay and with deleted scenes.

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la-leto:321wecametofuck:la-leto:LETOSUPERCUT: Slayleto is…

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