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If its true, I think Calvin is with her.

If it’s true, I also think it’s possible. On one side he hasn’t snapped all day yesterday(wich isn’t a first for him, and obviously, doesn’t prove anything but still) and with their anniversary happening last week, I can easily see him taking a few days off for a trip like this one. On the other side, he’s also still very much in ‘’studio mode’’ and I can also see him staying at home to work some more since he’s ‘’finishing’’ a track(or tracks) according to his snaps. If she went, I see her coming back relatively soon, maybe next weekend anyway and so, after the Asian and Australian’s leg of the her tour that took her away for like 2 weeks and 3 weeks respectively, I doubt it would be be that hard for their relationship to not see each other for just a week anyway.

Anyway, we’ll see. Or we won’t. I don’t see Taylor posting any pictures (if she went and decided to post some of course) before she left the Bahamas anyway.

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If its true, I think Calvin is with her.

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