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how to subscribe to apple music 3 month free trial



(this is a step by step on how to subscribe to apple music for the 3 month free trial then how to cancel the renewal (unsubscribe) so you don’t have to pay a thing and still be able to watch 1989 tour live within those 3 months)

step 1: select the individual plan and follow the instructions  

step 2: when you’re all signed up go to the right hand corner and click on your profile then click “account info”

step 3: after you’ve entered your password scroll down to the bottom and under setting find “subscriptions” then click “manage”

step 4: under “apple music subscription” turn off “automatic renewal”

Now you are all set to watch 1989 Tour Live when it comes out and won’t have to pay a thing. If you have any questions or are confused about anything feel free to message!

+ will not be charged after the 3 months because you have canceled the renewal/subscription but you will not be able to use Apple Music service after those 3 free month unless you wish to pay again

Source: Oh So Swifty

how to subscribe to apple music 3 month free trial

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