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I supported Bernie more passionately than anything i’ve ever supported in this country. I voted for him, wore his merchandise, his bumper sticker still sits proudly on my car, but I will not be writing him in next week.

Immediately after his loss I looked for hope in the green party, joined jill steins meme dank stash, did research on her policies and though I was skeptic about a few things I had hope. But as time went on just like the rest of the candidates she too proved to be just not enough. Her failure to run an effective campaign and her anti-science pandering was too much for me and I found myself staring dreadfully at our only two real choices.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

God knows I do not want to vote for either of these two vile, corrupted, insane individuals. One is a clown and the other a robot, both interested in their own agendas and not the well being of the people they wish to lead. I’m tired of the news, i’m tired of the drama, I’m tired of cringe worthy arguments on facebook. So I went back to the last thing I believed in, and listened to Bernie. He believed in us, and so I am choosing to believe in him. He had an idea for the future and an idea for what it meant to be free and be great, and i know he hasn’t given up on those ideas, so I will listen to him and vote for Hillary because a protest vote won’t help anyone, or anything, a protest vote won’t help him or the ideologies that I stand for. And voting for Trump would be voting for everything he fought for, so I will vote for Hillary. Not because I’m a shill, or a hillbot, because God I despise that human being. But because the alternative is the exact opposite of what I stand for, so I have to make a sacrifice and vote for the lesser evil because my future and the future of my daughter depends on it.

I told one of my friends I was voting for Hillary recently. He looked at me and went on a rant about how I should stand by my ideals and vote for the candidate I knew was the best choice.

Bernie was the best choice. I voted for him in the primaries, I went to whatever events our local Bernie supporters were hosting, I made dank memes of him… only for Hillary to win the nomination.

I am well aware of the fact that historically, third party candidates have never won a presidential election. I did not for a second believe that shifting from a democrat to a third-party candidate was a viable option if I wanted my vote to help defeat Trump.

My friend told me, if people just write in Bernie’s name, he could have a fighting chance.

No. Trump would have a fighting chance. If all of Bernie’s supporters wrote him in when they went to vote, we would have a divided party and Trump would win by majority vote.

The last thing I want is that man as my president. The last thing I want is to waste my vote trying to do what I think is right.

If I want to be proud of my country, I am voting this November for Hillary. I do not like her, I know she is a war-hungry and shrewd politician… but she knows how to play the game. She knows how to keep this country running. I respect her for that, if nothing else.

Trump has not earned a drop of respect from me and if my vote counts for anything, I want it to be so that this man only gets to the White House with a visitor’s pass.

This November…. despite my own personal beliefs… I’m with her for the good of this nation.


Also, I don’t think Bernie is registered as a write-in option, so if you write him in you are literally throwing away your vote.

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holmesandtheroman: thesockofdobby: strangeparker: I supported Bernie more passionately than…

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