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Just wanted to make a post saying things will most likely be very slow on the blog this weekend! The queue is about to run out and I could have sworn there were more secrets waiting to be posted, but I guess I was wrong lol. And I’m leaving in the morning for a weekend trip so unfortunately I don’t have time/won’t be home to make any new secrets. I’m so sorry about this but I hope you guys will understand! We all need a break every now and then, right? 🙂

Also, secrets are still open. I forgot to change the status in our description so my apologies for any confusion, but secrets are open and will remain open through the weekend, so now is the time to submit anything if you have been planning to. I’d love to see some positive, creative secrets in our inbox when I get back. I feel like sometimes our posts repeat themselves–which is understandable for a confessions blog that has been around for years–but maybe we could change things up for a bit and get back to discussing all the reasons we love Taylor and her music.

Again, so sorry that the blog will likely be slow for the next few days! I promise to get some more secrets made when I get home. I hope you’re all doing well! Sending my love!


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