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Hey, it’s been a while!

Hi guys,

Anyone else still alive? What a year to be a Taylor Swift fan. 

I just wanted to say I’m going to be back and posting again soon, and I hope you all didn’t forget about me! I guess I needed a break and didn’t realize it. Grieving is hard. Mental health is hard. Preparing to graduate college is hard. Adjusting is hard (see: this is me trying, my favorite folklore track). 

If you’ll have me/want me (please don’t tell me to go fuck myself), I’ll be back shortly. Tonight will be all about EVERMORE, something I can’t even begin to comprehend, especially after folklore’s release ON MY BIRTHDAY this summer.

Thanks for being patient, please enjoy the album, and I hope you won’t mind some catchup posts. I’m glad to be back!



ps. as always, if you ever want to talk, ask questions, or scream about the TWO ALBUMS WE GOT THIS YEAR, head on over to @taylor-swiftfactsquestions 🙂

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Hey, it’s been a while!

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