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Hands to Myself


Taylor stood in front of the body length mirror and
evaluated herself.  The Oscar’s took
place this evening and she had just finished getting ready for the after party.  Though she didn’t particularly care to
attend, she knew that an appearance was the right thing to do—especially with
the Met Gala approaching.  Aside from wishing
she could stay home, she really loved her look tonight. It was exactly the vibe
she wanted to convey during this transitional time.  As an added bonus, she thought Adam would
love this dress.  She knew he loved her
legs, and this highlighted them perfectly.

Taylor tilted her head slightly and her short bob fell away
from her jawline.

“Here we go.” She murmured to herself.

It wasn’t long after that a car full of some of her favorite
people pulled up.  Austin, Ella and Tree
all gazed at her lovingly as she appeared in the doorway.

“DAMN GIRL” shouted Ella.
“You’re making the rest of us look bad!
Everyone’s going to be drooling”.

Taylor blushed slightly.
She never could take a compliment.

They made their way to the Vanity Fair party.  The gathering consisted of beautiful people
and lots of photographs.  Taylor made
sure to congratulate all of the evening’s winners that she came across.

At one point throughout the night, almost amusingly, she
noticed Jake staring her way.  When Taylor
looked up to meet his gaze, he quickly looked away and flushed.  She couldn’t help but giggle.  Mission accomplished.

Two drinks, many smiles, and thousands of photographs later—Taylor
was ready to bail.  She looked at Tree to
get the approval that this appearance would suffice and Tree provided a curt nod.  

“Be safe” Tree mouthed from across the room, flowed by
blowing a kiss.

Taylor was exhausted. She genuinely couldn’t wait to get
home to Adam.  As they pulled into his
driveway, Taylor sent Adam a quick text letting him know she had arrived.  She was assuming he was still hanging out
with the boys.

She hopped out of the SUV and skipped up the stairs to Adam’s
front door.  Taylor dramatically arranged
herself in his doorway, with her leg sticking out of the slit, one of her
shoulders pushed forward, and her hands raised and resting on the doorframe.  She narrowed her eyes into her best “come and
get me” look and pouted her lips.

She heard him approach the door and stifled her giggle.

“Damn Tay Tay!” Shouted Charlie.

Taylor immediately composed herself and flushed bright red.

“Oh my god, Charlie. I had this crazy thought that Adam
would answer the door at his house.” Taylor replied back attempting to hide her

“Oh he ran upstairs real quick, so lucky me!” He stated
wiggling his eyebrows.

Taylor laughed.
Charlie always knew the right thing to say.

“But you really do look amazing! I bet you were the belle of
the ball!” Charlie said sincerely.

“Thanks, Charlie. I’m just happy to be home.” Taylor said.

“Home?” he quickly retorted raising his eyebrows again.

She jabbed him in the shoulder.  “You know what I mean!”  She replied.

“Sure, sure” he said through a laugh.

Charlie held the door open and Taylor walked through to the foyer.
He led her through to the kitchen where Burns was sitting listening to music.

He looked up and smiled.

“You look great, Tay!” He said.

“Thanks, Burns. You guys are sweet.” She replied back with a

“You guys gotta roll out!” A thick Scottish accent traveled
in from the other room.  “Tay’s back.”

Adam walked into the room and his eyes widened.

“Whoa, baby. You’re beautiful! And you’re here already!”
Adam said.

“Charlie let me in!” Taylor replied.

“And damn glad I did, mate.” Charlie chimed in as he winked
at Taylor.

“Your girl cleans up well” Said Burns.

“Okay, you and you. Out. Now. Leave.” Calvin said as he dramatically
pointed to his friends.  Burns and
Charlie grabbed their things as Calvin aggressively ushered them out.

“Bye Tay Tay. Easy on our boy… he’s licking his wounds
from a ping pong loss.” They shouted from the other room.

Taylor couldn’t help but smile.  Adam reappeared in the doorway, looking a bit

“Well Damn babe. That dress.
You look gorgeous.” He said with a sly smile.  She slowly approached him, her eyes never
leaving his.  They stood about 4 inches
from one another, breathing heavily.  

“I missed you.” Taylor said in a husky voice.  He reached out to her, his large hands
settling on her small waist as he pulled her forward to close the
distance.  He kissed her passionately, as
if it had been longer than since this afternoon when they’d last met.  As they kissed, his hands moved to her
ass.  She pulled away and giggled.

“Frisky, babe?” She inquired.  He raised his eyebrows.

“You can’t show up dressed like this, with no underwear, and
expect me to keep my hands to myself.” He said with a coy smile.

Taylor blushed.  

“Come, love” he said as he led her down the hall.  “Let’s get you out of that dress.”

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Hands to Myself

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