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Get to know me tag

Rules: tag nine users you want to get to know better!
Thanks bae for tagging me @tshifty
Relationship status: oh im single
Favourite colours: fushia and wine red
Chapstick or lipstick: lipstick
Last song I listened to: Treat you better-shawn mendes
Favourite TV Show: game of thrones FOR SURE
First fandom: Taylor swift

I tag: @stellatochiarissimo @-happyfreeconfusedandlonely- @13alltooswiftie @your-eyez-look-like-coming-home @taytay4ever @thisbeat @hiddlestonluvr @katiesmindpalace19912 and @taylorswift (lol)

*if you have already done this you don’t have to do this again*

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Get to know me tag

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