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France Is A Priority


By: Eric Bureau for Le Parisien
Date: May 26th 2019

Both a businesswoman and a girl next door, Taylor Swift is back in France. We met her in her dressing room between her rehearsal for “The Voice” and the live show…

This is the third time we are meeting Taylor Swift and each time there’s this rare feeling that we are getting to witness her achieve more and more stardom and glamour, while still remaining very simple and friendly, both a “businesswoman” and a “girl next door”. We interviewed the American singer this Saturday afternoon in her dressing room at “The Voice”, in a short moment between her intense rehearsal with the candidates and the live show.

How are you?
I am very happy to come back in Paris. I had not been here for too long.

Since the end of 2014!
No way! It’s really too long. I have to come to France more often. I made the decision for my previous album (the dark and vengeful “Reputation” released in late 2017) not to promote, because I felt that I had already said everything in my lyrics. This time it’s different. My new single “ME!” is very loud, it makes you dance, it’s fun, catchy and I want to sing it everywhere.

You speak and sing a little in French in the video of “ME!”. Why is that?
You know, I love the French language, my dream is to speak it fluently. And I found it fun to put references to the album in the clip. French is the language of love and that is the main theme of my next album. There will be several romantic songs, but there will be songs with other emotions too. Like in “Red”, which was an album about being heartbroken, I try to explore the complexity of the human being.

This album will be released this year?
Yes, that is certain.

You came to NRJ and “The Voice” to introduce us to your new song. Is France a priority for you?
Yes, it is definitely a priority. I haven’t done a concert in France for eight years, and that must change. I had planned to perform at Bercy during my 1989 Tour, but the arena was under construction. At the moment there are so many places in the world where people are asking me to play… my team makes sure that I return to the countries where I can play to a bigger audience each time. But now I have made it a priority to go places where I have not been enough or at all before. Like France.

You are also a big fan of Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot…
Oh yes! They inspired me a lot. I look at so many pictures of them, I like the classic, timeless feel they brought into fashion. But I think French fashion inspires the whole world, right? You have that unique

sensibility, a way of communicating that inspires me a lot.

You have taken a stand in favor of the Democrats in the United States.
It is an absolute priority for me because we are going through a totally chaotic period. I think it’s all the more important to take a stand in a country where the new generation is becoming more interested in politics but maybe doesn’t always know it all too well. I must admit myself that a few years ago I didn’t know too much about politics, but I realized that I could maybe create some positive change by talking to hundreds of millions of people, so I try to do it the best that I can. I have to be very careful about what I say.

You have now twice covered the cover of the American magazine “Time”, which considers you one of the most influential people in the world.
It’s a big compliment! It definitely motivates me, but it also puts an obligation on me. I must live up to that expectation – choose the right words and right actions.

That can be hard, right? Especially when you are 29?
I am like everybody else. Sometimes I feel great and sometimes I don’t feel that great at all. Some days I tell myself that my job is easy, that everything is happening as I’ve always dreamed it would when I was a kid. And other times I feel that nothing works, that I am under too much pressure, that I don’t know how to do anything. But one thing is certain, I have no right to complain about my fame.

Source: TSwift Daily

France Is A Priority

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