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Feb 2014

Taylor Swift Leaving The Gym


Taylor Swift steps out wearing an old sweater

 Taylor Swift wears same red star sweater she modeled earlier

Taylor chose to wear her red star design sweater for a second time this year when she left an LA gym on Friday.

The 24-year-old must have just gotten the garment back from best friend Selena Gomez, who hit the town in the exact same top just a week ago.

With her short hair nicely brushed to the side Taylor Swift looked photo shoot ready.

The sweater, by designer Wildfox, was competing for attention with a pair of very short shorts that showed off the Taylor’s long, lean legs. Cute blue sneakers added a nautical look.






It was a studio Valentines Day with Max and Johan!




Taylor Swift spends Valentine’s Day alone

Taylor Swift seems to have decided short is also the way to go when it comes to her hemlines, in a short skirt as she left the Ballet Bodies dance class in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles on Friday.
The 23-year-old singer, famous for her songs about her rollercoaster love life, spent Valentine’s Day working out and the effects were evident.

Her newly shorn locks were styled into a bob while Swift made a nod to the romantic holiday with a slash of red lipstick and red flats.

Although she is known for her high-profile relationships , Taylor is single this Valentine’s Day after her latest romance with 21-year-old British hunk Douglas Booth.

The New York Daily News recently reported that it didn’t work out for Taylor and Douglas, who she apparently has been interested in since a party in West Hollywood in November.

An insider said the; ‘Taylor kept on making an effort to flirt with Douglas, but he gave her the cold shoulder and was extremely dismissive towards her.’

A friend of the actor also told the publication that the actor has been scared off: ‘Doug is a young guy and is enjoying the single life.’

‘He was quite taken aback about how keen Taylor was. She has been in touch with him, but he just wants to be friends.’

The pop star has built up quite a reputation, having dated Harry Styles, Jonas Brother Joe Jonas, actor Jake Gyllenhaal and previously had a reported fling with musician John Mayer.
Taylor Swift Valentines card


Taylor-Swift-and-Emeli-Sande at London's O2

Taylor Swift surprises fans at the O2

Taylor Swift fans who showed up to see the singer’s latest gig at London’s O2 and got two stars for the price of one.

The Brit Award winner Emeli Sande was introduced by Swift as one of her ‘favourite artists’, as she explained that she had met Sande at the ceremony in 2013.

‘Do you remember the Brit Awards last year? I had a great time and I got to meet one of my favourite artists,’ Swift announced.

‘Then I got this idea she could come out and play for you. So what do you think about Emeli Sande coming out to play a song for you tonight?’

The pair then performed a duet of Sande’s hit single Next To Me, much to the delight of the crowd, and Swift herself, who took to Twitter to sing her praises after the show.



Taylor Swift wearing red shorts

Taylor Swift Explains How Loneliness A Star

If it weren’t for Taylor Swift being a lonely teen, we wouldn’t have the country music star’s songs to listen to today.

“I started writing songs because I wasn’t invited to parties and sleep-overs,” Swift said. “I wasn’t noticed by the guy I like.”

It seems that years after writing hit songs and gaining fame, the 24-year-old superstar has nothing to worry about when it comes to having friends and being noticed by a guys.

”Writing songs has taught me a lot,” she adds. “One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is there’s sometimes nothing you can do to make someone like you if they don’t.”

And she makes that perfectly clear in her song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

The seven-time Grammy winner knows how to get attention from fans without drawing attention to herself. Meaning, she doesn’t need to dress in a leotard or revealing ensembles to keep up with other pop artists including Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

”I find it relatively easy to keep my clothes on because I don’t really feel like taking them off. It’s not an urge I have,” she explained.


”For me ‘risky’ is revealing what really happened in my life through music. Risky is writing confessional songs and telling the true story about a person with enough details so everyone knows who that person is. That’s putting myself out there, maybe even more than taking my shirt off.”

The Red Tour continues Monday at London’s O2 arena where Swift will be performing at two sold out shows.



usa+british emblem pin

taylorswift- A huge thank you to US Ambassador Matthew Barzun for giving me this pin that so accurately expresses my feelings.




Feb 2014

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  • Ricky says:

    If this is actually Taylor Swift; I am amazed at your voice and your songs. Your voice is so amazing that I always know it is you singing on the radio, even before they announce it is you. You are truely blessed with an anointed voice. Even though our paths will probably never cross, I consider you one of the great artists. I wish you nothing but pure, true happiness from this point forward in all aspects of your life. If u ever need a true friend, remember there is at least one fan here.

  • Hamida Star says:

    I am a swiftie and proud c:

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