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Father John Misty Took Acid at a Taylor Swift Concert: She Was 'Dangerous'

Father John Misty Took Acid at a Taylor Swift Concert: She Was ‘Dangerous’:


Down Under and dangerous! Indie rocker Father John Misty (real name: Josh Tillman) admitted in a new Rolling Stone Q&A that he took LSD recently at a Taylor Swift concert in Australia, and the result was a ridiculous trip, which he detailed to the mag.

“Certain ideas that you’d be quick to dismiss can be viewed with the significance that they deserve,” Tillman said of tripping on acid. “The last time I took a hero’s dose of LSD was at a Taylor Swift concert in Australia. She was playing in Melbourne, and I met a bunch of people from her crew at a bar, and they invited me to the show. I got my tour manager to get me some acid: ‘This is written in the stars. I’m supposed to go take acid at this Taylor Swift concert.’”

The result was … chaos. “I experience the show like an 8-year-old girl — as much as that’s possible for a 35-year-old man,” the artist told Rolling Stone. “It was holy. It was psychedelic. She fully impregnated my dilated soul with her ideology. I remember laughing uncontrollably. I remember going outside for a smoke and thinking, ‘I need to get back in there.’”

However, not everything from the 1989 World Tour was funny, according to the former Fleet Foxes drummer. “There was a disturbing aspect,” Tillman detailed to the mag. “This insistence on telling girls, ‘I’m normal, don’t let anyone tell you what you should be,’” he recalled of Swift’s conversation with the crowd. “If you wanted to curate an evening with the Grand Leader, this is what you would do. It’s a very, very false normal. And that’s dangerous.”

Father John Misty also revisited his covers of Ryan Adams’ headline-making 1989 covers, saying he did it to troll his fellow artist. Tillman decided to tackle Adams’ covers after he realized that his tour manager was listening to the album, and managed to get it done in about an hour. After Tillman realized how much press he was receiving for his covers — done in the style of Lou Reed — he then took them down.

“I was taking this dude to task for what I saw as a grotesque stunt and matching it with another grotesque stunt,” Tillman said of Adams. “It ironically became the biggest publicity I’ve ever received, and that grossed me out. I had to take them down. Which then, of course, made it even bigger. It was such a comedy of errors.”

Swift played seven shows in Australia and closed out her 1989 World Tour on December 12, 2015, in Melbourne. The “Blank Space” singer, 26, is next slated to perform in October 2016 at the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix in Austin.

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Father John Misty Took Acid at a Taylor Swift Concert: She Was 'Dangerous'

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