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cont’d: Same with Ready For It. Actually, the chorus to Ready…

cont’d: Same with Ready For It. Actually, the chorus to Ready For It is great, but the verses are so freaking bad that I just can’t even listen to it. Each of Taylor’s prior albums have this timelessness to them; they never get old and they age very, very well. But these songs are so forgetful. And they are not relatable. And it’s a bummer because Taylor and her music have never been described as forgetful, or not relatable. Forgetful and not relatable is literally the antithesis of Taylor Swift. Maybe she’s trying to make a point by making mediocre/bad music on purpose, but it does the fans no favors, and it’s so obvious she didn’t take us into consideration when she started recording this album. I was so excited for this album release and a new tour, and everything starting back up again, but I feel like, so far, we are being cheated out of it. I used to think that Taylor has consistent success because of her as a person and the kind of music she creates, but this new era is making it increasingly clear that it isn’t about the music, or WHO she is. It’s just about the fact that she’s Taylor Swift and she’s hugely famous. That is boring to me. It’s incredibly depressing that us fans have witnessed her make incredible music over the years that has changed our lives and given us something to relate to and strive for, and we see everything dissolving and withering away. I thought she was going to come back stronger than ever, but she’s never looked weaker to me. I understand the last few years were tough, but with the dramatic release and her largely staying quiet, I thought the music was going to literally blow my mind. I thought that’s why she was being so quiet and doing no promotion, because the music was so good that it was going to speak for itself. You can say that the music is good because she’s still breaking records, but she’s breaking records with mediocre music, and she knows it. She’s an artist, a musician, a perfectionist. She knows this is not good music. So, maybe that’s why she’s staying so quiet? Whatever the reason, I’m sure she still expects that we will buy her concert tickets and her overpriced merchandise. When it comes to music, she’s not the Taylor Swift I used to know. Her music is the only thing I will be critical of her about. But, you know, it becomes really difficult for people like me to juggle constantly defending her with feeling like she’s on a downward trajectory. At some point I’m going to lose grip on what it is exactly that I’m defending. I’m sure the comments will be filled with vitrol, but I know deep down you all agree with me.

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cont’d: Same with Ready For It. Actually, the chorus to Ready…

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