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coldsayou: Make me chose meme: @morepreciousthanjewels…


Make me chose meme: @morepreciousthanjewels  asked speak now era Taylor or debut era Taylor?

When I’m in a room by myself writing a song, which is the scenario that happened for each of the songs on this album because there weren’t any co-writers, it’s not about factoring in millions of people who could possibly hear that song some day, because that would be a very crowded room. But in my head and in that room, I try to kind of conjure up the idea of the person who I’m writing that song about. I’m writing that song to them. That’s how I’ve always written music. I used to worry that would be too personal, that by writing songs directly to someone who’s in or out of my life, other people wouldn’t be able to relate to it. But then I put the music out into the world and it somehow worked out that they were able to relate it to their lives, too.

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coldsayou: Make me chose meme: @morepreciousthanjewels…

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