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Calvin Harris & Rihanna's New Song Sounds Like It's All About Taylor Swift


Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift’s love is electric. The two are pretty much head over heels in love at this point, proven most recently during Swift’s 73 Questions video interview with Vogue, where she revealed he planted her an olive tree as a present (that’s some deep-rooted commitment.) And, of course, that total IRL heart-eyes emoji during his Coachella set.

It’s this electrifying romance that seems to have been the inspiration for Harris’ latest song — with none other than Rihanna. The song features Rihanna’s vocals, showing a much softer side to Bad Gal RiRi, especially compared to the narrative of her own latest single, “Needed Me,” where she kills a guy.

But, back to Harris’ musical love note to Swift. 

The song, “What You Came For,” is literally talking about someone (cough — Harris) staring at the most perfect person in the room, a person who makes lightning strike every time she (ahem — Swift) moves. And Swift seems pretty excited to listen to the song (that is about her). She’s retweeted the link three times, and posted on Instagram.

Later in the song, Rihanna sings, “We say nothing more than we need / I say ‘your place’ when we leave.”

The lyric seems spot-on considering that Swift implied in her interview with Vogue how much she loves her house, and spending time at home, meaning Harris is probably often saying, “Let’s go to your place.”

These are cold, hard facts people. Love can be inspirational. I mean, look at every song Swift has ever written. The only thing that could come next is a joint album and tour. Imagine a future “Bad Blood” remix with a heavy electronic bass, compliments of Harris. Just imagine.

But for now, listen to an audio clip of the song below, or stream the whole song on Spotifyhere.

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Calvin Harris & Rihanna's New Song Sounds Like It's All About Taylor Swift

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