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bananaofswifts: Taylor Swift: «J’ai adoré parler français!»The…


Taylor Swift: «J’ai adoré parler français!»

The superstar Taylor Swift did us the honor to pass in the studios of NRJ for the emission of Cauet. The star took the opportunity to tell us a little more about her new single “ME!”, In interview. Look.

Taylor Swift in France! It’s been a few years since the superstar had not set foot in our beautiful country. And to the delight of her fans, she chose NRJ to make her comeback.

The singer has come to present her brand new single, “ME!”, From her upcoming album that could be called “Lover”. This hit is an explosive cocktail of good humor, dear to Taylor Swift: “I wanted” ME! “To be my first single because this song is extremely positive and really happy. And it was probably a good way to turn the page after my last album which was a little darker and more twisted by nature, “says the young artist at the microphone of NRJ.

Taylor Swift happy to return to France
During her visit to Paris, Taylor Swift, delighted to find the host Cauet, was also excited to meet her French fans. She also proves all her admiration for the language of Molière in the clip of “ME!” Where she plays a dispute with Brendon Urie in French.

But why this choice ?: “I wanted to hide a lot of clues in the dialogue and I think that French is a magnificent language. It was really funny! It was one of my favorite shootings because it was great to try to speak French. (…) I loved this challenge. ”

Source: TSwift Daily

bananaofswifts: Taylor Swift: «J’ai adoré parler français!»The…

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