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asthelightsgodowndropeverything: MARY J. BLIGE ON…



It was just beautiful singing with her, because she has a beautiful, strong voice and an amazing soul. I was honored and it was a blessing to be up there with her. I’ve always been a fan. I’ve always loved and truly, truly respect Taylor Swift as a woman, as a businesswoman, and as an artist. So I immediately said yes because I just love her that much. Taylor has great, relatable lyrics. And she is a great businesswomen and she’s a great example for a lot of women — young women and older women — to follow. Her music speaks for itself. And that’s one of the reasons why I loved the opportunity of being on the stage with her tonight, because I respect real artists, and she’s a real artist. The song ‘Doubt’ is a song that I truly love and means so much to me, and as you could see tonight, it means so much to her. So I asked her if she could sing it with me, and she said yes. And then of course ‘Family Affair,’ she wanted me to perform that. And I said, ‘Just sing all the songs with me tonight—let’s just make it a duet night.’’ 

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asthelightsgodowndropeverything: MARY J. BLIGE ON…

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