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a few samples (no pun intended):

Band Questions:

  • Favorite [genre] band?
  • Favorite song/album by/member of [band]?
  • [Band 1] vs. [band 2] who wins in a music battle/fight/pie eating contest?
  • Fuck/marry/kill with the members of [band]?
  • If you could add one person to [band] who would it be?

Song Questions:

  • What song is your current go-to when you’re feeling [mood]?
  • Favorite song about [topic]?
  • If you could go on a date with a song, which song?
  • What song do you think is the most purple?
  • Listen to [song] and tell me what you think.

iTunes Library Questions:

  • Favorite playlist in your library?
  • Longest song in your library?
  • Most recently played instrumental song?
  • Top played song in [genre]?
  • Put your iTunes on shuffle and post the first [#] songs.
  • Search for [word], how many songs come up?

General Questions:

  • Do you prefer happy or sad music when you’re feeling [mood]?
  • If you could instantly master any instrument what would you pick?
  • What’s your opinion on [musical trend]?
  • If you had to delete all music except for one genre from the world…

Be creative and write something of your own, don’t limit yourself to just these few suggestions!!!

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