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Ask list (TS edition)

Since these asks are so popular here i just want to make an ask list for swifties!

1. What is your fav album from her? Why?
2. What is your fav song from her? Why?
3. Describe “all too well” in one word.
4. Bleached hair or natural hair?
5. Straight hair or curly hair?
6. What is your fav music video from her? Why?
7. How long have you been a swiftie?
8. What is your fav parfume from taylor?
9. Which era is your fav era of her?
10. Describe one of your fav lyrics from her?
11. Who is your fav taylor blog?
12. 5 things that you associate with taylor?
13. Fav song from 1989?
14. Fav song from red?
15. Fav song from speak now?
16. Fav song from fearless?
17. Fav song from “taylor swift”?
18. Taylor is in front of you, and you can only tell her a sentence. What it would be?
19.What is the best taylor merch that you own?
20. Who is your fav friend of taylor?

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Ask list (TS edition)

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  • Album 1989 blank space coz it reminds me of who ecxuctly I am and my all style all to well (pain) hair both Natural is pretty strait is glmourous love both same video style, seen I first meet her about 10 years perfume enchanced era about 4 years ago wen he had long strait hai and drssing other very clamours or hipy style nothing in betwin don’t you worry your pretty little mind is toching me I’m crying now but they are others but that one get deep in me people hrt me use me all girls took advance my goodness and my kindes even if they truly loved me all did but all but my goodness was more and was ezy to turn and use it and let the love thown away as my 22 years old baby she took it away after 3 months but the other lirics I’m in love and very strong as well eg I was there I was there but other much more stronger you ture it upart and many more blog this is ard your songs are deep realistcly meanful and al are toching any ill say ill let the others down I like red 1989 but others as well the same not much county music I’m not in to it much but your country music sepet from all again and is awesome as well venues song my god so beautiful I have a life torys I an talck about the conction of my lifes feeling I livrd with them on my erwtic times on my bad day and happy on my sad day I was hanging they were my only copany that they wore talking to me wen no one could feel my pain beauty honest generours friendly cleaver New romantics my feelings knows you more then is hiden insaid your world then my mind or sany ones can from knowing you or by your songs your frinds don’t no you oither deep in there as who there are that’s who my oura of my feelings knows in people I just need to say that coz my feelings knows you I don’t I trust in my life they never wore wrong but what I would say if you were in front of you that I’m so real and so good and fun to be with and share beautiful or simple times and moments that you they will saty for ever in your life so real I am there a thosends things I would say and ask but I want you to know me then ask I don’t ask people I know them with out asking it is kind of my feelings that drives my knowlge and I let them take the stering and drive I never aloud my minds thoughts they alays not but nany times inflounes nd wrong never my feeling learn that wen I was young there strong and I thought the to be and take care more then what my mind will want say or asks steel I go with my feelings they come above my cleverness of my mind the come from the space in to me as energy of thinking merch not sour the write mening but from what I undertand is her pop music more then counry no county style is cool cant help not sour the excact meaning so it could unser about something tattllly difrnt I don’t not sure there are many they don’t have to be special or big they are the ones they true real not showing of with here that’s kind of advance using here they are pure and siple reven if they big like here dark old first Victoria sectets good friend here that she more cool then any who shows of with taylor like blake and the other long face blond nuture looking frind she post hugging I thing she has babe to I don’t bother really looking it my seem I look in to others but I don’t even type ever looking at any then what ever turns up I don’t look at people seen I was young that’s me they just peaole no matter what there ate nuch more intresting things then looking in to people teylors power knolge roots beliver knowing were she comes from but most of all is here freedom and I know it as I’m and I can see who deep is here freedom that gives the power first above all in to some one and by saying that you must need to know they killing your dream they hurting me in my own home they done it again one they pout gas I don’t know your hair fools you tonge get wite your swolow and your muscelers drop all over your body even your hair turns wait but my gets back my geen I have it regenartes not as I was young but it has stong acting of rstoring and regeneting wen I’m out in to the right inviroment with food and sports very very fast we must meet as soon and try to save me even if you cant have me for now next to you you must sent me away from here oither back to my own home or near by you you are my mother my go my angel that non ones chois was that the universe power sent you to me to save me as I’m so one with it as good as it ask me to follow and for here she doesn’t gonna let any one to destroy ,e and sent some one strong like you coz it knowsd the write person on the unverse that has for the other wen need it let go thrpw all ones wore on me coz it was testing me till wen she knows I can now and before I colpse the unvese sent me you even if I know yours I had to pass thiss test before she lets me come tou and she knows excactly I can till the lust momnt is waiting for you to act and take care that’s a mission for you to know nmore then you like and need I know that for sour mail me and call me to meet you not only hi but infront of all and your mean to take care of other tp

  • I hope I med it don’t know were to look sand add a web side

  • owww I just had a look this is public wev can make up any story we like

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