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A short story || "Suitcase"

A group of well dressed business men and women file into a conference room. The growing bags under their eyes mark the previous sleepless nights.

“So I bring you all in today to talk about our issue. You know exactly what I’m talking about.” This man is standing at the end of the lengthy conference table. Murmurs come from either side of the table in doubtful tones.

“Actually.” One timid voice barely makes it above the murmurs. All eyes are on him now. He makes a noticeable gulp. “I was thinking…to bring Taylor Swift out of hiding that maybe…we’ll maybe we report that she’s been secretly transporting in suitcases….” he swallows again, “it’s so ridiculous that she’ll have to come out..right?”

There’s a pregnant pause as red, sleepless eyes look to the man standing at the head of the table. He nods slowly and everyone looks around at one another before he speaks, “Give that man a raise.” He sticks a firm finger at the timid man. “Everyone to your desks! You’ve got articles to write!”

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A short story || "Suitcase"

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