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13 Days of Taylie


I really want to fill up this new tag with positivity and nice edits and fun things (because at the moment it’s mostly just asks and text posts and some of them are negative) so that’s what this is for.  You don’t, by any means, have to do all of the days, or do them in order.  Pick and choose.  Do what inspires you.  Romantic, platonic, however you like your Taylie.  Let’s just fill up the Taylie tag with edits of our favorite giraffes.

DAY 1: Favorite Taylor photoshoot
DAY 2: Favorite Karlie photoshoot
DAY 3: Favorite candid(s)
DAY 4: Favorite Taylie runway moment
DAY 5: Favorite quote about Karlie (from Taylor)
DAY 6: Favorite quote about Taylor (from Karlie)
DAY 7: Favorite award show/event
DAY 8: Favorite hug
DAY 9: Open day, do whatever you want (edits, playlists, fanfic, anything goes!)
DAY 10: Favorite matching outfits
DAY 11: Moment that made you Taylie trash
DAY 12: Favorite social media post
DAY 13: Favorite overall Taylie moment

Source: Where is Taylor Swift right now? Taylor Swift Grotto

13 Days of Taylie

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