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Hey everyone!

Grace here. I just noticed that we recently passed 120k followers on TS Facts!!! Unsurprisingly, the bulk of this is going to be a huge THANK YOU. If you’ve been here long enough, you know that I was just a little 13 year old Taylor Swift fan who wanted to make this blog for fun. Never did I think it would be this fun, nor did I think it would connect me to so many wonderful people.

I know I haven’t been as active as I used to be, whether it be facts or personal posts. Taylor has been, overall, so low-key for the past few years, and I guess my life has been, too. I remember when I’d post life updates asking for your guys’ support, and you always delivered. I’m so grateful for that – you all helped me feel so much less alone.

I guess I will give a few updates on my life, if you’re interested! I’m finishing up my sophomore year of college, majoring in Communications (with an emphasis in journalism). I’m also minoring in Sociology. My goal is to become a journalist, and my dream job would be to write for a respected publication…wouldn’t Rolling Stone be pretty neat?

Things are a lot better for my family too, for the most part. If you all remember, I used to update you a lot on my dad and his situation. He’s doing pretty well now, and he still asks about this blog on occasion, lol. He usually tells his friends or random people he meets about it if anything remotely related comes up…he’s great.

Anyways, I just wanted to thank you guys for sticking with me. I’ve had a lot of financial troubles lately, but when that clears up, I would love to do a giveaway or another card exchange like we did in 2014 & 2015. I love you all even if I’ve been more absent lately, never forget that! Whether you’ve simply followed the blog or been one of the angels that has sent me gifts…I’m grateful for all of you. Truly.

Come talk to me on @taylor-swiftfactsquestions if you ever want to! Love you guys!


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